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Записки ироничного джентльмена
Мы джентельмены если есть удача...
21st-Aug-2015 05:59 pm
Прислали ответ на мой вопрос "Няшная вещь! Хочу хочу хочу! Как бы мне это получить в мой проект".... ну просто не могу не поделиться.

Not sure because we'd have to get it quoted and have to look at volumes. I'd also expect push-back from the --- team.

As your last comment is testament to… programs don't want to pay anything for anything. :-D We've learned that unless we manage to get money way at the beginning of programs to cover anything and everything we need, forget asking for money later. Better off having bake sales and car washes as fundraisers…

This week we're selling our fundraiser candy bars to pay for --- cal updates. Next week it's the Little Caesar's fundraising pizzas. Can I put you down for two? :-O

<уползает обратно под стол>
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