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Тест Тюринга

“Passing,” however, doesn’t mean it did it with flying colors. For a computer to pass the test, it must only dupe 30 percent of the human interrogators who converse with the computer for five minutes in a text conversation. In the test, it’s up to the humans to separate the machines from their fellow sentient beings throughout their five-minute inquisition. (Gizmodo has a pretty good breakdown of how the test works.)

This go-round, a Russian-made program, which disguised itself as a 13-year-old boy named Eugene Goostman from Odessa, Ukraine, bamboozled 33 percent of human questioners. Eugene was one of five supercomputers who entered the 2014 Turing Test.

Я даже знаю, какие ключевые фразы были использованы. Фашисты, фальсификаторы, истории, гейропа, хунта, двойные стандарты, ненависть к русскому народу. Составляя эти слова в произвольном порядке любой может сойти за тринадцати летнего Евгения Гузмана из Одессы.
Tags: Жидобандеровцы, История, Компьютеры

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