August 1st, 2016


The Evil Trump

Originally posted by merig00 at The Evil Trump
A nice convenient list:

1: - Trump flies sick child to hospital

2: - Trump flies 200 stranded Marines home, link is self-explanatory.

3: - Remember that Marine that Mexico held captive? Trump helped him too.

4: - Trump intervenes in a mugging/assault, stopping someone from beating a man with a bat

5: - - Bus driver prevents a suicide, Trump rewards him for it

6: - Trump saves old lady's farm from bankers

7: - Trump stands up for black rights

8: - Trump shelters black celebrity, provides a free security team for her after her family is murdered

9: - Couple helps Trump after his limo breaks down, he pays their mortgage off in return

10: - Trump saves Ed McMahon's house, lets him keep living in it

11: - child dies of AIDS, Trump visits his family

12: - Trump takes over failing city project, finishes it ahead of schedule and under budget

13: - Trump helps terminally ill woman

14:,3369895&hl=en - Trump forces city to allow him to fly huge American flag, cuts deal that helps veterans in the process

15: - Link is self-explanatory, Trump offers woman job at press conference.

16: - Trump helps girl with bone disease

17: - 93 page list of Trump's donations over 5 years

18: - Trump interviewed at Ground Zero of 9/11, brings 200+ of his own workers to aid in search and rescue efforts

19: - Trump gives Miss USA, Tara Conner, a second chance after she fails a drug test

20: - Trump helps Jim Herman(Pro golfer) reach the Masters

21: - Trump helps Newtown business, has them make all his campaign material