July 14th, 2013


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Мне как раз сегодня сказали, что мол "Зимерману повезло", я тут удивлялся, в чём везение, оказывается, таки реально повезло, у них во Флориде очень специфические суды и прокуроры.

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А вот кому повезло меньше:

A Florida woman who fired warning shots against her allegedly abusive husband has been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Marissa Alexander of Jacksonville had said the state's "Stand Your Ground" law should apply to her because she was defending herself against her allegedly abusive husband when she fired warning shots inside her home in August 2010. She told police it was to escape a brutal beating by her husband, against whom she had already taken out a protective order.
Judge Daniel said the law did not allow for extenuating or mitigating circumstances to reduce the sentence below the 20-year minimum.

В этом деле прокурор тот же, что и в деле Циммермана - Анжела Кори.

Только в этот раз её жертве повезло меньше.
Впрочем, там ещё есть более поразительный случай:

In 2009, Ronald Thompson, a 65-year old army veteran fired two shots into the ground to scare off teenagers who were demanding entry into his friend's house in Keystone Heights, Florida. Corey prosecuted Thompson for aggravated assault, and after he refused a plea agreement with a three-year prison sentence, won a conviction that would carry a mandatory 20-year sentence under Florida's 10-20-Life statute. The trial judge, Fourth Circuit Judge John Skinner called the 20-year sentence "a crime in itself" and declared the 10-20-Life statute unconstitutional. Skinner gave Thompson three years instead.

Corey appealed the 3-year sentence and won, sending Thompson to prison for 20 years.

In June 2012, Fourth Circuit Judge Don Lester granted Thompson a new trial, ruling that the jury instructions had been flawed in his original trial regarding the justifiable use of deadly or non-deadly force given the circumstances of the case. Thompson has been freed and awaits a decision by Corey's office on a new trial.

Это к вопросу о том, почему дело Циммермана дошло до суда.

Дершовиц совершенно прав - Флорида должна избавиться от Кори. (Кстати, Кори позвонила в Гарвард и потребовала от руководства заткнуть рот Дершовицу - видимо, с Первой Поправкой у неё так же плохо, как и со Второй).

И от идиотских законов, предписывающих 20-летние сроки за самозащиту.

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