April 15th, 2010


But how much is that money worth?

Uncle Sam is the highest profile drop-off this year. The crusty frontiersman and former U.S. Army recruitment officer had the largest net worth swing in Fictional 15 history, from an estimate of "infinite" last year to less than a billion today. Yes, he has the ability to print money--literally--but how much exactly is that money worth?

UK Bans Western Wall from Israel Tourism Ads

However, a ruling by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority has taken things to new heights of absurdity. The ASA dealt with a complaint concerning an Israel Government Tourist Office advert that "the photograph featured for Jerusalem was of East Jerusalem" and therefore "the ad misleadingly implied that East Jerusalem was part of the state of Israel."
honest reporting

Я начинаю сомневаться... как американец, я не люблю французов больше, но как еврей я всё хуже и хуже думаю о Лондонский англичанах. Столицей современного антисемитизма стремиться стать Лондон, всё таки у Тегерана это больше причина для объединения нации, а у англичан похоже искренная страсть.