September 21st, 2008


Реальная переписка.

"Я не согласен с вашим мнением, но готов умереть за ваше право выражать его."
Или что такое современная демократическая партия. Так как страна должна знать своих героев, оставляю имена кому письмо было адресовано и написавших ответ.
Это не подделка, это реальный ответ и он как нельзя лучше иллюстрирует что такое политические дебаты по "демократически".

Dear Chairman of the Washtenaw County Democratic Party Jeff Souza;
Dear Vise Chairmen for External Communications Bruce Hartman and Steven Pontoni;
Dear Vise Chairman for Campaign Visibility Doug Kelley

I live in Ann Arbor for over 25 years. When I moved here, it was a nice liberal town. It was a town where people could feel and be free to express and exchange ideas in sometimes heated, contentious, or even overheated debates. Much has changed lately.

Let me highlight some changes. I am a staunch Republican, and am not very afraid to display it. Last Presidential election campaign, my yard signs for Bush/Cheney were vandalized and/or destroyed 5 times in about 1 month. My cars stickers were ripped off, and one car was scratched.

This year started even worse. My first yard sign was stolen in 4 days, and the second one survived only 2 days. Today I installed the third sign and wonder how long it would survive. I placed these signs well inside my front yard, so it is now not only a matter of free expression but also of trespassing and stealing. My wife begged me not to use car stickers, and not to display any Republican insignia. My neighbors consider me almost a hero.

I do not have any doubts that all of you don’t condone, approve, or dispatch these thugs. But I also don’t have any doubts that it is done by members of your esteemed party, and it looks ugly. Your Presidential candidates talk about civility, reaching across an isle, and national unity. I am asking you to join me in my stand for authentically American values of the freedom expression and rights of property. I am asking you to advise me, and work with me to achieve these ends. I am doing what I can do myself: buying video security camera and motion alarm, installing permanent heavy yard stand. What can you do for me and with me?

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Update: От автора: Small correction: I am now in my 4th yard sign, the third one survived only 2 nights.

UPDATE 2.0: Почему то ботам мил именно этот пост... причём пробиваются сквозь катчу. В общем каменты к этому посту я отключаю, пишите в более новые.